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TimeTracker Clients
Integrates with Adobe and Microsoft
Easy integration

Works how you do

TimeTracker seamlessly integrates with the world’s most popular software, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite & Creative Cloud, Apple iWorks, Exchange & Google calendars and more. Imagine switching between applications, even between documents, and having all of it recorded effortlessly. (Need something unique? Use the TimeTracker API to easily handle custom needs.)
no more timers
Automatically capture tasks

No more timers

You’re a busy multi-tasker. The last thing you need is to hit start and stop on timers all day. TimeTracker has no timers and no buttons. It works in the background to track your activity, eliminating the guesswork of where your time was spent. TimeTracker allows you to focus on your craft, not your timesheet.
Complete control over your data
Private and secure

Complete privacy

At CreativeWorx, your personal privacy is sacred, and only you have access. Did some personal work during lunch? No problem. Simply delete the entry before submitting your timesheet. Unlike any other team platform, the information collected is viewable only to you until you are ready to submit.

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TimeTracker is affordable at all levels. All of our products offer automatic time capture, real-time analytics, and a beautiful user experience. Start saving your time!


Adobe CS

Completely free

(History is available for 14 days)
  • Creative professional?
    Get tracking for free with the TimeTracker extension for Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud:
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS5 & CS6
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Full team support

$12.95/mo per user

(Full history available from active account)
  • Working on a team?
    The ultimate solution for small- and medium-sized business: collaborate using Team Dashboard.
  • Adobe CC/CS & Apple productivity
  • Microsoft Office
  • Project & Team Dashboards
  • Exchange & Google Calendar
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30 day free trial

Interested in API access to integrate with Enterprise systems? Contact us!